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Park S, Jo Y, Kang M, Hong JH, Ko S, Kim S, Park S, Park HC, Shim SH, Choi W

Nature Communications 14: 4185 (2023)


Jeong JE, Sutton JJ, Ryu HS, Kang M, Tay EJ, Nquyen TL, Gordon KC, Shim SH*, Woo HW*

ACS Nano, 17(5): 4800-4812 (2023)


Chang M, Lee OC, Bu G, Oh J, Yunn NO, Ryu SH, Kwon HB, Kolomeisky AB, Shim SH, Doh J, Jeon JH, Lee JB

Science Advances, 8: eabj3995 (2022)


Kwon J, Elgawish M, Shim SH

Advanced Science, 9: 2101817 (2022)

Enhanced UnaG with Minimal Labeling Artifact for Single-molecule Localization Microscopy 

Ko S, Kwon J, Shim SH

Frontiers Molecular Biosciences, 8: Article 647590 (2021) 

Prelabeling Expansion Single‐Molecule Localization Microscopy with Minimal Linkage Error

Kang M, Lee J, Ko S, Shim SH

ChemBioChem, 22:1396-1399 (2021)

Super‐resolution microscopy of genome organization

Shim SH

Genes & Genomics, 43:281-287 (2021)

Invited article

Green-, Red-, and NIR-Emitting Polymer Dot Probes for Simultaneous Multicolor Cell Imaging with a Single Excitation Wavelength

​Jeong JE, Uddin MA, Ryu HS, Kim HC, Kang M, Joung J, Park S, Shim SH, Woo HY

Chemistry of Materials 32(15): 6685-6696 (2020)

Reductively Caged, Photoactivatable DNA-PAINT for High- throughput Super-resolution Microscopy

Jang S, Kim M, Shim SH

Angewandte Chemie, 59(29): 11758-11762 (2020)

Bright Ligand-activatable Fluorescent Protein for High-quality Multicolor Live-cell Super-resolution Microscopy

Kwon J, Park JS, Kang M, Choi S, Park J, Kim GT, Lee C, Cha S, Rhee HW, Shim SH

Nature Communications, 11:273 (2020)

Graphical Material TOC.jpg
Amplified Expansion Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy

Kim D, Kim T, Lee J, Kim N, Shim SH

ChemBioChem, 20: 1260-1265 (2019)

Fluorescence enhancement of a ligand-activated fluorescent protein induced by collective noncovalent interactions

Lee E, Shim SH, Cho M

Chemical Science, 9:8325-8336 (2018)

Selected as "2018 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection" and "Front Cover Article.

Selective suppression of CARS signal with three-beam competing stimulated Raman scattering processes

Choi DS, Rao BJ, Kim D, Shim SH, Rhee H, Cho M

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20:17156-17170 (2018)

Selective Suppression of Stimulated Raman Scattering with Another Competing Stimulated Raman Scattering

Kim D, Choi DS, Kwon J, Shim SH, Rhee H, and Cho M 

J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8:6118–6123 (2017)

Cell imaging: An intracellular dance visualized

Shim SH

Nature 546:39-40 (2017)

CatSperζ regulates the structural continuity of sperm Ca2+ signaling domains and is required for normal fertility

Chung JJ, Miki K, Kim D, Shim SH, Shi HF, Hwang JY, Cai X, Iseri Y, Zhuang X, Clapham DE

eLife, e23082 (2017)

TIS21/BTG2 inhibits doxorubicin-induced stress fiber-vimentin networks via Nox4-ROS-ABI2-DRF2-linked signalcascade

Lim IK, Choi JA, Kim EY, Kim BN, Jang S, Ryu MS, Shim SH

Cellular Signaling, 30: 179-190 (2017)

Integrative Approach toward Uncovering the Origin of Photoluminescence in Dual Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Nanodot

Choi Y, Kang B, Lee J, Kim S, Kim GT, Kang H, Kim H, Shim SH, Lee, G, Kwon OH, and Kim BS

Chemistry of Materials, 28: 6840-6847 (2016)

Interrogating Surface Functional Group Heterogeneity of Activated Thermoplastics Using Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy

O'Neil CE, Jackson JM, Shim SH, Soper SA

Analytical Chemistry, 88: 3686-3696 (2016)

Structurally distinct Ca2+ signaling domains of sperm flagella orchestrate tyrosine phosphorylation and motility

Chung JJ,* Shim SH*, Everley RA, Gygi SP, Zhuang X and Clapham D

Cell, 157: 808-822 (2014)

*Equal authors. Selected for PaperFlicks; Cell video abstract online.

Super-resolution imaging through the localization of single molecules: an overview”, in “Far-field Optical Nanoscopy

Xu K,* Shim SH* and Zhuang X

Springer Series on Fluorescence (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2013). Edited by Tinnefeld P, Eggeling C and Hell S. *Equal authors.

Super-resolution fluorescence imaging of organelles in live cells with photoswitchable membrane probes

Shim SH,* Xia C,* Zhong G, Babcock H, Vaughan J, Huang B, Wang X, Xu C, Bi GQ and Zhuang X

PNAS, 109: 13978-83 (2012).

*Equal authors.

Fast, three-dimensional super-resolution imaging of live cells

Jones SA,* Shim SH,*† He J and Zhuang X,†

Nature Methods, 8: 499-505 (2011)

*Equal authors. †Corresponding authors.

Two-dimensional IR spectroscopy and isotope labeling defines the pathway of amyloid formation with residue specific resolution

Shim SH, Gupta R, Ling YL, Strasfeld DB, Raleigh DP and Zanni MT

PNAS, 106: 6614-6619 (2009)

How to turn your pump-probe experiment into a multidimensional spectrometer: 2D IR and Vis spectroscopies via pulse shaping

Shim SH and Zanni MT

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 11: 748 (2009)

Perpective article, Featured on the front cover

Two-dimensional IR spectroscopy provides evidence of an on-pathway intermediate in the membrane-catalyzed assembly of diabetic amyloid

Ling YL, Strasfeld DB, Shim SH, Raleigh DP and Zanni MT

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 113: 2498 (2009)

New advances in mid-IR pulse shaping and its applications to 2D IR spectroscopy and ground state coherent control.

Strasfeld DB, Shim SH and Zanni MT

Advances in Chemical Physics, 141: 128 (2009)

Invited article

Automated 2D IR spectrometer mitigates the influence of high optical densities

Xiong W, Strasfeld DB, Shim SH, and Zanni MT

Vibrational Spectroscopy, 50: 136 (2009)

Tracking fibril formation in human Islet amyloid polypeptide with automated 2D-IR spectroscopy

Strasfeld DB, Ling YL, Shim SH, and Zanni MT

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130: 6698 (2008)

Facile collection of two-dimensional electronic spectra using femtosecond pulse-shaping technology

Grumstrup EM,* Shim SH,* Montgomery MA,* Damrauer NH, and Zanni MT

Optics Express, 15: 16681 (2007)

*Equal authors.

Automated 2D IR spectroscopy using a mid-IR pulse shaper and application of this technology to the human islet amyloid polypeptide

Shim SH, Strasfeld DB, Ling YL and Zanni MT

PNAS, 104: 14197 (2007)

Controlling vibrational excitation with shaped mid-IR pulses

Strasfeld DB, Shim SH and Zanni MT

Physical Review Letters, 99: 038102 (2007)

getImage (1).jpeg
Generation and characterization of phase and amplitude shaped femtosecond mid-IR pulses

Shim SH, Strasfeld DB, Zanni MT

Optics Express, 14: 13120 (2006)

getImage (2).jpeg
Femtosecond pulse shaping directly in the mid-IR using acousto-optic modulation

Shim SH,* Strasfeld DB,* Fulmer EC, Zanni MT

Optics Letters, 31: 838-840 (2006)

*Equal authors.

Dual stacking of unbuffered saline samples, transient isotachophoresis plus induced pH junction focusing

Shim SH, Riaz A, Choi K and Chung DS

Electrophoresis, 24: 1603 (2003).

PepAssem, a peptide assembly algorithm for a complex protein mixture

Shim SH and Chung DS

Genome Informatics, 12: 366-367 (2001)

Molecular lens applied to benzene and carbon disulfide molecular beams

Chung H, Zhao BS, Lee SH, Cho K, Hwang SH, Shim SH, Lim SM, Kang WK and Chung DS

Journal of Chemical Physics, 114: 8293 (2001)

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